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Disability Insurance

For most of us, our ability to generate an income is our most valuable asset. And, while many wisely prepare for uncertainty by purchasing life insurance, they often fail to realize that, at most ages, they are much more likely to become disabled than to die.

Consider the facts:

• For a 32-year old, a serious disability (three months or longer) is 6 1/2 times more likely than death.
• Only 3% of mortgage foreclosures are caused by death. 48% are caused by disability.

Will Social Security and other government benefits protect your financial well-being? Don’t count on it. 

The truth is, social insurance programs are built on strict definitions of disability and lengthy service requirements. 

Disability can happen to anyone. Talk to us today about how we can give you and your family peace of mind with a disability insurance policy from The Blystone Company. 

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