Employee Benefits

Benefits Administration

Getting the proper benefits program in place is only step one. Does your current provider:

  • Resolve enrollment issues?

  • Reconcile premium billing discrepancies?
  • Communicate your benefits and coverage to your staff?
  • Keep you informed about important changes that will affect your business?
  • Work with your employees directly to answer questions and provide support?
  • Formulate benefit election forms and COBRA letters?
  • Collect COBRA premiums and ensure timely termination for non-pay?
  • Process and verify all member additions and deletions?
  • Offer monthly newsletters to keep you informed and compliant?
  • Establish a work-flow arrangement to take work off your desk?
  • Prepare paperwork required by insurance carriers?
  • Monitor participation requirements and obtain waiver documentation?
  • Direct insurer installation of plan selections?
  • Provide online access to all plan information and documents?
  • Give you Human Resources support tools and research?
  • Conduct enrollment and renewal meetings face to face?
  • Calculate employee payroll deductions?
  • Manage the implementation of benefit changes?
  • Arrange for a complete HR audit?
  • Evaluate benefit utilization to determine appropriate coverage needs?
  • Review all materials for accuracy?
  • Survey personnel to determine need and level of satisfaction?
  • Explain the benefit of pre-tax deductions?
  • Supply you with benefit summaries to distribute to your employees?
  • Oversee new enrollment compliance with waiting periods and carrier rules?
  • Offer geo-access summaries for your provider networks?
  • Assist in the development of the ‘hidden paycheck’ to increase employee awareness?
  • Implement a consolidated enrollment and billing system when appropriate?
  • Update you on the impact of ongoing health care reform mandates?
  • Call your employees’ physician to resolve billing mistakes and procedure code errors?
  • Contact pharmacies in regards to prescription problems?
  • Help your employees find participating doctors and hospitals?
  • Explain copays, co-insurance, and deductibles to all group members?
  • Correct erroneous coordination of benefit issues?
  • Support employees in completing enrollment and claims forms?
  • Research generic and brand name medication options for your personnel?
  • Investigate fraudulent charges billed to your group members?
  • Assist employees who need to file a grievance?
  • Retroactively correct referral errors made by your employees’ physicians?
  • Obtain prior authorization from providers and insurance companies?
  • Help employees establish an online membership?
  • Explain and educate employees about prescription step therapy?
  • Update employees’ personal information with insurance companies?
  • Order ID cards for your group members?

If they do not make these services available to you…we will!

If you and your staff spend work time dealing with benefits or claims issues, let us help.

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